Thursday, April 27, 2017

Final Instructions


PLEASE:  If you have an athlete (or relay) listed as an entrant in a lane race for the Invited Session and they will be unable to compete, let us know immediately so we can contact the alternate and fill the lane.

ENTRY ADMISSION- Athletes entered in the meet must enter through the south gate of the stadium.  Only athletes actually entered in the meet and in uniform will be admitted free of charge.  Coaches will also be admitted through this gate.  All spectators will be charged $3.00 to enter the stadium.  This will cover both the open and invited sessions.

ENTRY FEES- You can either bring payment to the meet on Saturday, or send a check in the mail next week. All checks should be made out to Davis High School (325 South Main Street, Kaysville, UT 84037).  You must pay for every athlete accepted as of Thursday, April 27th at 6:00pm, not just those who show up for the meet. Costs are $2 per event and $8 per relay in the open session, and $5 per event and $12 per relay in the invited. We will not know the school total costs until Saturday morning – but there will be invoices in your coach’s packets.

ENTRIES- Scan through the list of entries which has been emailed out and posted at   See if any of your athletes have been left off due to an error on our part.  If so, we will attempt to make changes. 

ALTERNATES- If your athlete is listed as an alternate for the open session, they should go to the staging area at first call.  If they are listed as an alternate for the invited session, they should check to see if any scratches in their event have occurred since entries were sent out.  Announced changes will be posted on the results board.  NO ADDITIONS WILL BE MADE TO THE FIELDS ALREADY SET IN THE DISTANCE RACES AND FIELD EVENTS

WEIGH-IN- All shots, javelins and discus' must be weighed in near the shot put area at the south end of the stadium.  All javelins must conform to the IAAF standards.

UNIFORM RULE- We will strictly enforce the uniform rule for all events.  If you have questions, ask before disqualification occurs. Please remind your athletes about the “waistband logo” rule.

SEATING- Seating is available in the east or the west bleachers. Canopies will not be allowed in the west bleachers (with the exception of along the wall at the top of the bleachers). Canopies are allowed in the east bleachers. Teams can also set up on the grass field to the east of the track.

INFIELD AREA- The area inside the track is off limits to EVERYONE except officials and athletes competing and warming up at that time.  Coaches – please stay off of the infield. The only exception is at the Pole Vault where coaches may be in the "coach's box" north of the runway. NO FOOD OR DRINK (other than water) WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE INFIELD.

POLE VAULT- If you have entered pole vaulters, make certain your poles and jumpers conform to the rules.  Please fill out the pole vault verification form that is included in your coach’s packet. All poles must have a strip of tape at the top of the pole with the weight rating in bold one inch numbers written on it.  All poles (unless already marked by the manufacturer) must also have a strip of tape in contrasting color six inches down from the top of the pole indicating the highest legal hand-hold. 

QUALIFYING and RECORD TIMES- All times will be FAT.  We will have a wind gauge.  If your athlete sets a state record, fill out the proper paper work in the booth before you leave.

BROOKS RUNNING – The Brooks Running Company will have a canopy at the south end of the track – make sure to check out their display. They will also be giving away prizes throughout the day.

LOCKER ROOMS- The locker rooms inside the tunnel hallway will be open for athletes.

 STAGING AREA- The staging area will move according to the track event. Have entered athletes and alternates in running events report to the starting line of their event at first call.  If an entered athlete fails to report by the final call, an alternate will fill their spot.  Field event entrants in the open session should report to their respective areas on first call.  Field event entrants in the Invited Session should report to their respective areas at first call.  Athletes in running events in the Invited Session should report to the starting line by second call.

RELAYS- At least one member of each team should report to the staging area upon first call.

SEEDING AND PLACING FOR THE OPEN EVENTS- Athletes will be seeded according to the times submitted.  The athletes with the best marks will be placed in the last heats/flights.  In Open running events, places will be awarded after times from all heats have been compiled. 

LANE ASSIGNMENTS- Preferred lanes for straightaway races will be: (4-5-3-6-2-7-1-8):  For races around the turn (4-5-3-6-2-7-1-8).  The 1600 and 3200 runs will use a double/triple waterfall stagger. 

STAGGERS- The 4x400 relay will utilize a three-turn stagger.  The incoming runner involved in the first exchange must stay in his/her lane.  The number two runner must stay in their assigned lane until the break line at the head of the backstretch at which time they may move to the inside following the normal guidelines for passing or moving in. 

Girls Open High Jump- 4'06, 4'08, 4'10, 5’00, 5'01 and one inch thereafter        
Girls Invited High Jump- 4’08, 4'10, 5’00, 5'01, 5'03, 5’05 and one inch thereafter
Boys Open High Jump- 5’06, 5’08, 5’10, 6’00, 6’01, 6’03 and one inch thereafter
Boys Invited High Jump- 5'08, 5'10, 6’00, 6’02, 6’04, 6’06, 6’08, and one inch thereafter
Girls Open Pole Vault – 7’00, 7’09, 8’06, 9’00 and six inches therafter
Girls Invited Pole Vault- 8’06, 9’00, 9’06 and six inches thereafter
Boys Open Pole Vault- 10'06, 11’06, 12'06, 13’00, 13’06 and six inches thereafter
Boys Invited Pole Vault- 11’06, 12'00, 12'06, 13'00, 13’06, 14’00, 14’06, 15’00 and six inches therafter
*The winners in the open high jump and pole vault will qualify to compete in the invited sections.

AWARDS- Medals, watches, and t-shirts will be awarded at the conclusion of each event.  Have your athletes aware that they are to proceed to the awards area immediately after their event if they have placed.  Six will medal in all individual events and three in relay teams.

TRAINERS- Wasatch Peak Physical Therapy has a trailer set up to attend to any taping, injuries, evaluations, etc.  You must provide your own tape, but they will take care of everything else. The trailer will be at the south end of the track.

CONCESSIONS- A concession stand selling drinks, juices, snacks, hot dogs, and nachos will be open throughout the day.

RESULTS- As soon as we have results for an event, they will be printed and posted at the top of the west bleachers.  Please help us keep athletes AND COACHES away from the finish line and the announcer’s booth.  Results will be posted on We will update it live throughout the day so that you can see the results on your smart devices as well.

HOSPITALITY PASSES- Passes will be included in the packets for all schools who have paid in full.  Additional passes for extra coaches, bus drivers, etc., can be purchased at check-in for $5.00.

T-SHIRTS – Davis Invite T-Shirts will be on sale at the entry gate for $10.

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